The National Institute of Design will celebrate the association with one of the unique personalities of design, with a series of activities and events through which we can rediscover and revisit the work, life and ethos of George Nakashima, and also build new connections, through interaction and discourses.

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The exhibition will explore the Nakashima legacy at NID by showcasing and interpreting the furniture collection that Nakashima designed for NID. It will also depict his life, philosophy, and the spirit of his work.

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The symposium will feature talks and panel discussions about Nakashima’s life, works and philosophy on one hand and on the other, the ethos and spirit that he stood for. The special guest for the symposium will be Mira Nakashima – daughter of George Nakashima, who is a practicing furniture designer and architect carrying forward the legacy of her father with immense hard work, perseverance and grace.

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To create an object using only timber, that is inspired by two key aspects of Nakashima’s work – the respect for wood and bringing out the natural beauty of the living material; and the value of hand working while integrating it the with usage of modern technology.

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Background illustration taken from "The Soul of a Tree" by George Nakashima